Best Time For A Session

Now if you take a moment to read the title of this blog you might be slightly confused. Let me explain, because the title is important for many reasons. Let me start with all my soon to be or already engaged couples!

Now if you take a moment to read the title of this blog you might be slightly confused. Let me explain, because the title is important for many reasons. Let me start with all my soon to be or already engaged couples!

The first session you will most likely book is your engagement session. There can be a lot of confusion on when this should be scheduled. There are many factors you might want to consider when booking. Are you going to do save the dates? Do you want pictures on your Save the Dates? Are you having an engagement party & want pictures there?

If you answered yes to any two of those questions you will want to book your engagement session early. To better answer this first decide if you will be getting married locally or abroad, whether it be another state or country. If you decide on a destination wedding Save the Dates should be sent out about a year in advance but no later than eight months before, giving guests ample time to prepare for the occasion. If you are getting married locally, Save the Dates should go out about six months in advance. So you should schedule your engagement session anytime before, but make sure you leave plenty of time to decide what images you want to use. This can take time, believe it or not.

Great! You have decided on what date you want to schedule your session, now you have to decide the time of day. Granted every state is different, but the premise is still going to be about the same regardless of where you live, except for a few exceptions. Honestly this is one of the most important issues to consider! This issue doesn't just apply to couples but anyone who will be having a session in the great outdoors!

The best times to have a session is actually early morning or early to mid evening. These are actually the coolest times and would make you feel the most comfortable while being outside. I know early morning just sounds dreadful, but the sun isn't going to be real high or hot at the time, so this make almost perfect even lighting. Now that being said for those getting their hair done the morning of early may not work so as and addendum to this advice is that you schedule your session for no later than 10 am, especially if you are in Texas, or anywhere in the South really.

You may think that an afternoon session would be ideal... but on the contrary it is really the worst time to have your photos taken especially outside! The sun is at its highest and hottest at around 3pm, keep in mind that its temperature is continuing to rise heating the outdoors until then which makes you, and anyone with you, hot, sweating, and uncomfortable. The lighting at these times are also a severe issue. The light will be harsh and hot, which can lead to being blown, or washed out, and horrendous shadows being casted down your face. None of these points are ideal for a beautiful fun session, so try to avoid the afternoon at all costs!

Now the morning doesn't work and you don't want to deal with the nasty, harsh, bright, smoldering light of the afternoon, so you choose the evening! That's great! This has many possibilities! Depending on the time you choose and what style best suits what you want, you can capture the sunset and have breathtakingly beautiful images. You could get the same effect in the morning... but lets face it... who whats to get up and shoot early enough to capture the sunrise when the sunset can be just as beautiful! If this is the look that you want then make sure to set your session early enough to have your session end with these pictures. This ensures that there will be enough light to capture all the other poses you want to do!

Most photographers think and might tell you that overcast is the best weather for a photo session, because the light is so even, and they don't have to worry about the sun, or the clouds, or whatever rolls off the tongue. This can be true but it doesn't mean that it is always the best. The weather can affect the color of the pictures & believe or not even if it is overcast it can still be really bright. Overcast can make the color of the pictures cool & blue, the sunlight on a normal day will give your pictures a warm look & feel.

So you have to decide on what you would want your pictures to look like most. Always ask your photographer their opinion, but ultimately it should be your choice. Your pictures should always reflect you!