I know from experience that choosing the perfect outfit/s for engagements, senior, or any other photo session you have coming up can be extremely daunting. From your clothes, including shoes, to your accessories or even in some cases helping your significant other with choice to match you starts to get frustrating.

Stop, Breath, and Read what advice we have for this very formidable task.

Now if you take a moment to read the title of this blog you might be slightly confused. Let me explain, because the title is important for many reasons. Let me start with all my soon to be or already engaged couples!


This was an interesting project that I wanted to delve into, and see if I could not only do it but enjoy the experience as well.

It was definitely fun and fulfilling. These HDR images were made up of 5 different exposures then later layered in Photoshop.

Finding a good photographer is easy. Finding a great photographer is difficult. Finding a great wedding photographer in your area is next to impossible. Finding the right photographer for you is essential! Though you may think the advent of internet search engines has made the task easier, nothing is further from the truth. Unless you are willing to sift through hundreds of names and websites, you probably wont get much information from a standard search. So, what is the best method for finding the perfect photographer for you wedding?

Booking Your Engagement Session & Photographer

Once the initial shock of the proposal has subsided, its time to consider the details of your wedding. After calling your friends and family to tell them the good news you should first start researching locations to host your wedding. Once the venue & date have been decided its time to find your photographer & set up your engagement session. An engagement session has numerous benefits beyond the pictures that are being captured.

We have some new and exciting things in the works here at Allure Photography! Hope y'all are as excited to hear about them as we are to share them! Keep a look out for an update!