I was not really big on having a professional photographer at my wedding (my father-in-law is a great amateur photographer), but decided to hire Allure Photography for the event for the benefit of my photo-loving family. And I was so glad I did...

Ruven did a fantastic job photographing my wedding. We were able to get all of the photos done in a timely manner, and they all turned out great! Moreover, Ruven was able to capture some of the hilarious, off-the-cuff moments that make each wedding unique (like when one guest's girlfriend, who none of us knew, snatched the bouquet out of the hands of my friend who had caught it). Finally, Ruven was extremely patient with everyone, and was able to communicate clearly and efficiently what would look best in each photo.

Allure Photography was a great deal financially -- I feel that we got LOTS of high-quality, meaningful photos for a very good price.