Cristy and Andy Pena

Truthfully, we cannot say enough good things about Allure Photography.

The professionalism and dedication that Ruven Rivera demonstrated in the pursuit of his craft was very much recognized and appreciated by both of us. It was very evident in how his efforts translated into a top quality product!

Personally, I have enjoyed photography as a hobby for over 30 yrs. (probably longer than Ruven has been alive)! I was very, very impressed as were other members of my family, with the time and attention that Ruven spent in attempting to utilize the existing light in the best manner possible for each and every shot. He did this on the wedding pics, as well as the engagement pics, and the results are a testament to his attention to detail. Excellent stuff!!!

Also, Ruven went to great lengths to establish good rapport with us, and particularly with the star of the night... my bride. At times I thought he was muscling in on my action! lol. The friendliness between him and my wife had me feeling as though I should be holding the camera! But sincerely, all kidding aside, this is precisely what ensured that the results ended up being as natural looking, and not staged, as was possible. His degree of expertise and professionalism was comforting, and a breath of fresh air in an otherwise busy and distracting evening for us.

We both feel we made the right choice by going with Allure, and we both feel we have made a friend for life by allowing Ruven to document our most wonderful night!

We highly recommend him! Great Job!