How do we setup a consultation?

The first step to setting up a consult is to be sure confirm that ALLURE Photography is currently available for your wedding date. You may do this by filling out the form to your right or by calling 832-715-9151. Consultations are setup by appointment only. The appointment will be scheduled at a date & time that is convenient for both parties.

Do you use backup equipment at all weddings?

Professional backup equipment is mandatory at all the weddings we photograph. We can never be sure every wedding will go according to plan, so we always bring backup cameras, lenses, and flashes.

Will I be able to share my photos with friends and family online?

Yes. All of our photography services include online viewing for at least 90 days and our password protected. Once your images are edited and uploaded online we will send you a unique password to pass along to your family & friends. Simply click on the View Your Event button on the top right of our site and it will lead you to your event. Family and friends may even place photo orders from your event site, and we will ship their order with 7 business days.

What type of photography equipment do you use?

Professional equipment along with professional knowledge is a must in order to take beautiful photos in almost any kind of lighting situations. All of our photographers are geared with top Nikon & Canon photography equipment including. We also invest in top grade “fast” Nikon & Canon lenses which can capture detailed & sharp images in difficult lighting situations. ALLURE Photography is also equipped to handle different climate situations of your wedding with a combination of professional lenses such as super-wide angle, normal, and telephoto. We also use high quality lighting equipment and other top-rated photography equipment accessories. ALLURE Photography understands that your wedding day is extremely important, so we make the necessary investments to gear our photographers with the best equipment in the industry.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?

Our wedding day collections include one professional wedding photographer. Usually one professional photographer is more than adequate to cover a wedding. If you believe your wedding day circumstances may require an additional photographer, please let us know so we can discuss in detail. Additional photographers may be added to your wedding day collection for an additional cost.

Can I own the rights to digital images?

You are able to own the rights to your, wedding day, bridal, engagement, or session's edited & enhanced images. The Agreement acts as a co-ownership, meaning you own the rights as well as Allure Photography. Owning the rights to your images allows you to keep and safeguard your images for future generations. It also enables you to reprint any of the images at your leisure. See our pricing page to determine collections and pricing for information on copyright-released digital images.

Do you add any special effects to my wedding photos?

ALLURE Photography is heavily invested in image enhancement software. Our software programs enable us to add that extra special touch to your wedding day images. Every wedding day collection comes with limited special effects to the wedding images including spot colorization, special black & white, rich saturation's, and many more! Allure Photography is proud to offer these limited special effects services at no extra cost.

What means do you take to make sure my wedding photographs will be safeguarded?

Assuring your wedding day photographs are safeguarded is very important to us. Safeguarding your photographs starts the very instant they are taken. All of our photographers shoot with Fx (full frame) cameras. Each camera is equipped with dual compact flash memory cards which enables your digital photographs to backup automatically to a secondary memory card. The extra safety feature enables your pictures to be stored in two memory cards just in case in the very rare event one malfunctions. Your images are also downloaded into three different memory media; which are an external hard drive, main hard drive, and DVD. Be assured that we take the utmost care to preserve your wedding day photographs.

Can you give me references from other wedding clients you have photographed?

We will be more than happy to give you references from our past clients. References are available upon request. You can also view our testimonials.

How would you describe your style of photography?

Although each of our wedding photographers may have their individual approach to photography, we all are trained and experienced to shoot artistically, contemporary, and photo-journalistically. In most cases we are even able to adapt to the style request of the client.